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CIS Quality Awards

The CIS Quality Awards contest is aimed at raising the competitive edge of the CIS products and services, improving their export potential, and enhancing reputation of the CIS producers both at the local and international markets. The keynote of the contest is to compel the quality to serve the society throughout the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The competition for the CIS Award in quality achievements is based on the EFQM Excellence Model and carried out in line with the Regulations approved by the CIS Council of Heads of Governments (CHG) on November 25, 2005 as amended by the Resolution of the CIS CHG on October 18, 2011.

The CIS Quality Awards are aimed at:

  • Supporting national initiatives and joint efforts of the state governing bodies to improve quality and competitive capacity of products and services of CIS-based companies and organizations
  • Improving export potential of CIS producers
  • Encouraging the enhanced quality of CIS products and services and the implementation of effective quality management systems.

To participate in the CIS Quality Awards contest, a company should be registered as a legal entity of any legal form and be based in any of the CIS member countries. CIS-based manufacturers of any products (except for weapons and military hardware) or service providers are welcome to apply for the award. The competitors are assessed in the following categories:

  1. Number of employees:
    • Companies with up to 250 employees
    • Companies with from 251 to 3,000 employees
    • Companies with more than 3,000 employees
  2. Line of business:
    • Manufacturing of capital goods
    • Manufacturing of consumer goods
    • Manufacturing of food and agricultural products
    • Provision of services.

A legal entity engaged in manufacturing of goods or provision of services wishing to participate in the contest (hereinafter referred as participant) is supposed to confirm its excellence in quality assurance at least for two consecutive years and to export its products or services to at least two of the CIS countries.

The CIS Quality Awards contest is carried out every other year and conducted in two stages in line with the procedure adopted by the Economic Council of the CIS on December 9, 2011:

During the first stage, the national bodies for standardization, metrology, and certification assess the competing companies according to the established criteria. The selected nominees enter the second stage of the contest, where the number of nominees from each state should not exceed two finalists in each category.

At the second stage, a special panel makes their judgment on the contestís winners. Headed by the Chairman of the Interstate Council for Standardization, the jury includes the Council members and the members of interstate agencies who represent consumer associations, chambers of commerce, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. The panel reviews the documents provided by the participants and the expert reports provided by the national bodies for Standardization, Metrology, and Certification. The jury issues a draft resolution with the list of the CIS Quality Awards laureates and winners.

The total number of laureates and winners of the contest should not exceed 36 but not more than one winner in each category.

The Economic Council of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) issues a final resolution on the CIS Awards for quality achievements.

CIS Quality Awards Winners 2011


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