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 (ZIP, 214KB)   Register of Intergovernmental standard blocks

Registers of measurement means

 (PDF, 192KB)   The Republic of Azerbaijan
 (ZIP, 436KB)   The Republic of Armenia
 (ZIP, 345KB)   The Republic of Belarus
 (PDF, 1328KB)   The Republic of Kazakhstan
 (ZIP, 28KB)   The Republic of Kyrgyztan
 (PDF, 338KB)   The Republic of Moldova
 (RAR, 1984KB)   The Russian Federation
 (PDF, 141KB)   Republic of Tadjikistan
 (PDF, 127KB)   Turkmenistan
 (ZIP, 135KB)   The Republic of Uzbekistan
 (RAR, 257KB)   Ukraine

Database of National reference standards

 (RAR, 15KB)   The Republic of Azerbaijan
 (PDF, 193KB)   The Republic of Armeniaя
 (ZIP, 345KB)   The Republic of Belarus
 (ZIP, 10KB)   The Republic of Kazakhstan
 (PDF, 149KB)   The Republic of Kyrgyztan
 (PDF, 384KB)   The Republic of Moldova
 (RAR, 91KB)   The Russian Federation
 (PDF, 135KB)   Republic of Tadjikistan
 (RAR, 7KB)   Turkmenistan
 (PDF, 149KB)   The Republic of Uzbekistan
 (RAR, 33KB)   Ukraine

Uncertainty estimation of measurement introduction

 (PDF, 146KB)   The plan of introduction of uncertainty estimation of measurements in metrological practice of states - participants of the CIS
 (PDF, 540KB)   RMG 43-2001
 (PDF, 62KB)   National Institute for standards and metrology of the Kyrgyzian Republic

Other documents

  Program (PDF, 143KB)
  Appendix (PDF, 164KB)
  The programm "Creation the new generation standards of length unit in a range 10-10 - 10-6 m for 2002-2006"
  Program (PDF, 192KB)   The program of development and revision of basic normative documents of GSI
  Program (PDF, 661KB)
  The program of creation and application of interstate standard samples of structure and properties of substances and materials for 2006-2010
  (PDF, 107KB)   The program of works on development of the certificated data on physical constants and properties of substances and materials on concrete thematic directions
  (PDF, 146KB)   The program of works on standardization, metrology and an estimation of conformity in the field of not destroying control


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