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Legal Base

Intergovernmental Agreements:

  • The Agreement about carrying out of coordinated policy in the field of standardization, metrology and certification (the 13-th of March 1992, Moscow)

  • The Cooperation Agreement on measurements unity ensuring of time and frequency (the 9-th of October, Bishkek)

  • The Agreement on exemption from customers payments, taxes and giving out of special authorizations  for  transportiration of normative documents, standards, measurement means and standard samples, transporting for verification and metrological attestation purposes (the 10-th of February,1995, Almaty)

  • The Agreement on development order and observance of harmonized norms and requirements on labour protection for delivered product (the 12-th of April, 1996, Moscow)

  • Modelling law MPA the CIS "About standardization" (on December, 6, 1997. Saint Petersburg)

  • Modelling law MPA the CIS "About maintenance of unity of measurements" (on June, 15, 1998. Saint Petersburg)

  • The Conception on development and implementation of interstate standards and certification systems in the field of tourism in the state-participants of the Commonwealth of Independence States

  • The Agreement about technical barriers in the free trade zone (June.20.2000)

  • The protocol of change to the Agreement on conducting of coordinated policy in the field of standardization, metrology and certification (June, 20, 2000)

Agreements adopted by the Interstate Council:

  • The Realization Agreement on principals and mutual recognition of certification works (the 4-th of June, 1992, Krasnodar)

  • The Mutual Recognition Agreement on state testing results and type approval, metrological attestation, verification and measurement means calibration as well as accreditation results of laboratories, which realize testing, verification and measurement means calibration. (the 6-th of October,1992,Tashkent)

  • The Cooperation Agreement on creation and application of composition standard samples and substances and materials properties (the 6-th of October, 1992, Tashkent)

  • The Cooperation Agreement on creation and using of physical constant dates and substances properties (the 6-th of October, 1992, Tashkent)

  • The Agreement on application of common mark of access to the market of CIS state-participants (the 24-th of May, 2001, Dushanbe)

  • The Agreement on mutual recognition of staff competence certificates in the field of conformity assessment (May 30, 2002 Minsk)

  • The Agreement on a mutual recognition of results of works on accreditation (on May, 22, 2003, Yerevan)


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